Life Hacks

Below are recommended products from Doctor Dan and Doctor Kayla


Prism Glasses

  • Allows you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back
  • The perfect solution for those with limited mobility
  • Are great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain
  • Turn your view to a downward 90 degree angle, eliminating the need for head movement (relieving text-neck!)


Dynaflex wrist & forearm exerciser

  • Patented Design; Compatible With Nsd Digital Speedometer Sm-01 and Sm-02 (battery-free version)
  • Computer balanced inner gyroscopic rotor for VIBRATION FREE operation at up to 15,000 RPM
  • Worry-free to drop; Impact Resistant structure with Military-grade plastic shell that comes in an attractive color: Blue
  • Reversible inner tracks make 2X Lifespan
  • Simple to start with a pull-string (included), see video for tips and tricks